Introducing the New "Wine Bar in a Box"

I will admit - our Tailgate and Man Cave sports theme bars targeted more of a beer and vodka drinking crowd.  I consider myself one of them - but I also enjoy a nice glass of Vino.  So - by popular demand - and to appeal to our more "sophisticated" audience.. LOL.. we have created the new "Wine Bar in a Box".   Not unlike any of our other bars, this bar is 100% mobile, but with some added features for the wine lovers. 

1st: We shy away from the sports theme here and can do a custom individual, family, or business monogram decal.

Notice the more contemporary and sleek handle.  That's just the start of the new features.  The bar unpacks similar to our other designs, but inside this one you will find posts and 2 shelves specially designed to hold wine bottles.  16 in total. 

Here is how it looks setup:

And loaded up and in use:

And finally... check out the special old school wine bottle opener.  Included - of course!

So.. if your interested in our new "Wine Bar in Box" - let us know via our custom project form.  Prices range $299 to $399 depending on size.   (48 x 20 size shown with 36 inch shelves)

Belly up to "Tradition"

I got a direct message for @GameDaySeries on twitter over the summer:

I embraced the challenge while at the same time scratching my head pondering, "Hmmm... one college team and one NFL team - so a "House Divided" banner that is pre-made for rivals such Ohio State vs Michigan or Alabama vs Auburn is not option.  What shall I do?"   So I started thinking what are the commonalities Notre Dame and the Green Bay Packers might share?  The 1st thing that popped into my head was that these are 2 of the most historic brands in football.  With these teams its all about tradition.  "Tradition" I thought... Yes! and a theme was born.  

What goes along with football tradition?  What is old school?   "Black Cleats!" immediately popped into my head.  There will be a picture of black cleats as the center piece of this bar I told myself. 

The rest of the theme quickly came together:  Select two of the most famous quotes associated with each team "Play Like a Champion Today" and "Winning Isn't Everything, It's the Only Thing" and get them on the bar.  After that - make each edge of the bar look like the teams end zone.  Notice the horizontal white stripes seen at Notre Dame

Finally - a little collaboration between Jeff at GameDaySeries resulted into one of the final but best features.  Jeff suggested we put all the championship years for these 2 great teams on the bar.  At first it was a bit daunting as both of these teams have 10+ titles, but after laying it out it was a no brainer.

Once we had the top designed, the front banner required some creative juice and gave us the opportunity to incorporate yet 2 more staples of these teams - the helmets.  So we ended up using a logo and helmet combination for each team on a slick black banner centered around a football. 


Almost completed - the last piece was to put a label on the front wood edge, this part was easy - TRADITION.  Tradition is what these 2 teams are all about.   

That's how this super cool and VERY custom bar got created.  What do you think?  Are there any other custom requests out there?  Let us know!  Check out our web site under "Custom Projects" and we can do a free mock up!






NCAA Tournament to Spring Football to Bar Season!

There are obvious indicators for spring: the birds return, buds on the trees, and in our case the hibernating bear returning to tear into our garbage!   Like the signs of spring there are also signs that “Bar Season” for is right on the door step.   It usually starts around the NCAA Tournament where team pride is in full force and passionate fans want bars for the man-cave.  That spirit was on full display last week as we held a Final Four bar give away on twitter @IBroughtTheBar and the response was fantastic.

This coming weekend we head to Penn State for the annual Blue-White Game.  We will have the RV packed with bars and will be setup in the overnight RV lot.   Spring football gets people not only thinking about their teams prospects come this fall, but also what they can do to take their tailgating game to a new level.   Our bars have been known to take a tailgate from boring to banging!  Check out the silly but TOTALLY REALISTIC video

As we come into the exciting spring, it’s also next to reflect on what kind of cool creations we came up with over the past year.   For example, we did our 1st venture outside of sports and created a “Corona – It’s Five O’clock Somewhere” Bar.    This one was a blast to make and look forward to seeing it used on the patio over even the beach this year.   Pretty Cool, Right???

For those of us in Pennsylvania – you know too well how this state is pretty much split down the middle with Philly Eagles and Steelers fans.  Often times in the same house hold.   Well… leave it to use to create the “House Divided Eagles Steelers” Bar!   The owner of this baby tells me it has saved his marriage!

While saving other marriages I put a good deal of stress on my own (joking) hitting Met Life Stadium outside of NYC on Sunday's to team up with @TailgateJoe at Jet's games.  We supplied Joe and his team some bars and ran a few promos.  It was hardly work!  Joe throws the best tailgate around. 

Lastly, in a world that can seem so messed up, there is nothing better than the Army vs Navy game to remind us that we live in the best country in the world and should be so proud of that.   This picture of fans and cadets around on of our bars could not have made us prouder. 

Looking forward to making more memories in 2016!

How to Expand the College Football Playoffs AND keep bowls important

Yes we make bars... but why?  Because we are fans.  We love the action, love our teams, love to tailgate.  Like all fans we are fired up for the college and pro football seasons just days away.  As we get into college season we will inevitably debate who should make the 4 team playoff, should the playoff be expanded, and again argue if the bowls mean anything anymore.   There is a solution to this debate that could expand the playoffs and not only maintain the traditional of the bowls, but increase their importance.   Let me explain.  Let's play the season out like we have using the current playoff ranking system and at the conclusion of the year the top 8 teams get an automatic bid into the playoffs and would be the top seeds. 

A top 8 spot probably does not happen if you didn’t win your conference and had an excellent regular season.   An automatic spot in the playoff and what amounts to a 1st round bye is a premium reward to conference winners and keeps important the regular season and conference championships.   

IN 2014 these 8 teams would have had a bye into the playoffs:

1.      Alabama
2.      Oregon
3.      Florida State
4.      Ohio State
5.      Baylor
6.      TCU
7.      Mississippi State
8.      Michigan State

* Based on 2014 end of season playoff rankings

After that bowl bids go out as normal - less the 8 teams with a bye into the playoffs.  Here is where this gets really good.  After all bowls are played a committee selects 8 teams not discounting regular season performance, but putting a strong emphasis on performance in the bowl.  This would round out a playoff field of 16.  A bracket over 3 weeks starting the 2nd weekend in January of 8 games, 4 games, 2 games, and a championship would put a Championship game on the week off between the NFC/AFC Championship games and the Super Bowl.  Maybe play the games on Thursday and Friday nights to stay out of the hair of the NFL playoffs.

Now I will be the 1st to admit this will make a long season for teams making a run into the Final 8, so let's drop a game off earlier in the season (usually a cupcake) and make each team have 2 byes during the regular season. For those who will throw at me that "that's a lot of time away from the classroom" - please...  Kids are on break until late January at most schools.  

Let’s go back to the bowl games and how this really amps them up.  Take say what would normally be a 3/4 capacity pedestrian Outback bowl game between say a 9-3 Georgia vs a 9-3 Auburn.  This game now has all the meaning in the world as the winner likely gets bid.  Game is sold out, TV Ratings through the roof.   Consider the mid major team such as a Boise State who runs a regular season undefeated, but gets left out in the cold because of scheduling strength. In this model they would play an Oklahoma in a bowl game (the have), win (they did) and prove their worth, and get a bid.  On the flip side we weed out a team similar to the 2008 Hawaii team that ran the table but go smoked by Georgia in the Sugar Bowl proving the really were not in big boy category.   Who would want to play a really good Ga Tech team in a playoff game after they thumped a really good Mississippi State team in the bowl last year?  Bowls now mean more than they ever did.   They can be called the same bowls, be at the same locations, keep as much as the tradition as possible.   At the conclusion of the regular season you have 8 playoff teams and another 20 or so teams and fan bases who would still have a chance, a hope, and a dream.   This is WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN for the fans, the teams, the TV networks, and the bowls!   Below is a bracket on how a system like this might have looked at the conclusion of last year’s bowl season.

How about these juicy match ups?   Does Ohio State still win this?

Who got in and who was let out any why?

#9 – Ole Miss: Crushed by TCU in bowl – OUT
#10–Arizona: Lost to Boise in bowl – Last 4 OUT
#11-Kansas St: Lost to UCLA in bowl – Last 4 OUT (tough call)
#12-Georgia Tech: Beat *Miss St. in Bowl – IN
#13-UGA: Destroyed Louisville – IN
#14-UCLA: Beat Kansas St in Bowl – IN
#15-Airzona State: Beat Duke in Bowl – IN
#16-Missouri: Crushes Minnesota in Bowl – IN
#17-Clemson: Crushes Oklahoma in Bowl – IN
#18-Wisconsin: Nail biter over Auburn –IN
#19-Auburn: See above – Last 4 OUT (tough call)
#20-Boise St.: Beat Kansas St but Last 4 OUT (tough call)
#21-Lousiville: Crushed by Georgia in Bowl – OUT
#22-UTAH: Crushes Colorado in Bowl – IN
#23-LSU: lost to Notre Dame in Bowl – OUT
#24-USC: beat Nebraska in Bowl – Still OUT
#25-Minnesota: Crushed by Missouri - OUT

* Miss St. was the only outlier here as they would have been at top 8 seed / yet in this exercise using  last year’s bowl games they lost to Ga Tech.

Tailgate Trade Show and BBQ Fest in Athens, GA - WE ARE HERE!

Hi everyone... I Brought The Bar has been wanting to do this for a while and ventured into SEC country!   Everyone we have meet has been fantastic as we setup for the show.   Show starts today Saturday (8/15) at 11am to 4:30 PM.   We have UGA, Ga Tech, Clemson, and Atlanta Falcons Bars for sale and as always are taking custom orders for ANY TEAM or ANY THEME.  We also have free gifts and a drawing for an ESPN College Football Game Day bar.   We are very excited about today.   Athens is a beautiful town! 

Check out our booth nearing completion and our "Tavern"!  Stop by for a cold one and some "Bar Talk!"

Design Tweak!

HI all..  We added some additional stability to the bars in our most recent design that also provides a higher shelf.   Away from the grass and easier to reach those refreshments!

See our resources section for the new design assembly instructions.  We promise you will still be set up in minutes... actually we think it's a faster setup!

It's Bar Season!

Hello all!  Sunny and 75 Degrees this Saturday at the Penn State Blue White game is cause for celebration!   The long brutal northeast winter is over... and like in Wedding Crashers when they say "Do you know what season it is?  It's Wedding Season!!"   Well spring football signals the start of "Bar Season!!!".  We will be at Penn State in the RV parking overnight lot Friday afternoon through Saturday evening hosting a tailgate party and we will have Penn State Bars available. 

What have we been doing since last season.  Well - last time we were on location was for the Pin Stripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium.  Real estate was tight but we were able to put a "Flanker" mini bar to good use:

Right during the Pin Stripe Bowl we created one of our most unique creations to date.  A San Francisco 49ers bar.


... You would think he would have been a "Giants" fan?  LOL

... You would think he would have been a "Giants" fan?  LOL

And check out this mini "Flanker" bar in tribute to Derek Jeter:


And that brings us to spring and the Blue White game.  Check out the new recruits!!   Join us this weekend!!!


PSU Ohio State Post Game Wrap...

Well...  Don't even get me started on how the brutal refs robbed PSU on Saturday Night.. to put a damper on what was otherwise an awesome weekend at State College with my great friends and fellow fans.   Thank you for all who purchased bars on Saturday it was great to you enjoying them and you will for years to come!  

Check back to see what future events we might be attending!  Thanks All.



Our tailgate and setup for sales.. It was quiet here.. but rocking later on!

Our tailgate and setup for sales.. It was quiet here.. but rocking later on!

OSU Bar for sale with the comment "Buy me before they burn me".  OSU fans were good sports and found it funny.. Especially the group who bought it!  Thank you!   

OSU Bar for sale with the comment "Buy me before they burn me".  OSU fans were good sports and found it funny.. Especially the group who bought it!  Thank you!


PSU Bar for sale!!   

PSU Bar for sale!!


Some great tailgating neighbors who bought a bar... Nice touch to put the heater close!  Chilly night is not stopping them!!   Thanks for the purchase!!!

Some great tailgating neighbors who bought a bar... Nice touch to put the heater close!  Chilly night is not stopping them!!   Thanks for the purchase!!!