Introducing the New "Wine Bar in a Box"

I will admit - our Tailgate and Man Cave sports theme bars targeted more of a beer and vodka drinking crowd.  I consider myself one of them - but I also enjoy a nice glass of Vino.  So - by popular demand - and to appeal to our more "sophisticated" audience.. LOL.. we have created the new "Wine Bar in a Box".   Not unlike any of our other bars, this bar is 100% mobile, but with some added features for the wine lovers. 

1st: We shy away from the sports theme here and can do a custom individual, family, or business monogram decal.

Notice the more contemporary and sleek handle.  That's just the start of the new features.  The bar unpacks similar to our other designs, but inside this one you will find posts and 2 shelves specially designed to hold wine bottles.  16 in total. 

Here is how it looks setup:

And loaded up and in use:

And finally... check out the special old school wine bottle opener.  Included - of course!

So.. if your interested in our new "Wine Bar in Box" - let us know via our custom project form.  Prices range $299 to $399 depending on size.   (48 x 20 size shown with 36 inch shelves)