It's Bar Season!

Hello all!  Sunny and 75 Degrees this Saturday at the Penn State Blue White game is cause for celebration!   The long brutal northeast winter is over... and like in Wedding Crashers when they say "Do you know what season it is?  It's Wedding Season!!"   Well spring football signals the start of "Bar Season!!!".  We will be at Penn State in the RV parking overnight lot Friday afternoon through Saturday evening hosting a tailgate party and we will have Penn State Bars available. 

What have we been doing since last season.  Well - last time we were on location was for the Pin Stripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium.  Real estate was tight but we were able to put a "Flanker" mini bar to good use:

Right during the Pin Stripe Bowl we created one of our most unique creations to date.  A San Francisco 49ers bar.


... You would think he would have been a "Giants" fan?  LOL

... You would think he would have been a "Giants" fan?  LOL

And check out this mini "Flanker" bar in tribute to Derek Jeter:


And that brings us to spring and the Blue White game.  Check out the new recruits!!   Join us this weekend!!!