Belly up to "Tradition"

I got a direct message for @GameDaySeries on twitter over the summer:

I embraced the challenge while at the same time scratching my head pondering, "Hmmm... one college team and one NFL team - so a "House Divided" banner that is pre-made for rivals such Ohio State vs Michigan or Alabama vs Auburn is not option.  What shall I do?"   So I started thinking what are the commonalities Notre Dame and the Green Bay Packers might share?  The 1st thing that popped into my head was that these are 2 of the most historic brands in football.  With these teams its all about tradition.  "Tradition" I thought... Yes! and a theme was born.  

What goes along with football tradition?  What is old school?   "Black Cleats!" immediately popped into my head.  There will be a picture of black cleats as the center piece of this bar I told myself. 

The rest of the theme quickly came together:  Select two of the most famous quotes associated with each team "Play Like a Champion Today" and "Winning Isn't Everything, It's the Only Thing" and get them on the bar.  After that - make each edge of the bar look like the teams end zone.  Notice the horizontal white stripes seen at Notre Dame

Finally - a little collaboration between Jeff at GameDaySeries resulted into one of the final but best features.  Jeff suggested we put all the championship years for these 2 great teams on the bar.  At first it was a bit daunting as both of these teams have 10+ titles, but after laying it out it was a no brainer.

Once we had the top designed, the front banner required some creative juice and gave us the opportunity to incorporate yet 2 more staples of these teams - the helmets.  So we ended up using a logo and helmet combination for each team on a slick black banner centered around a football. 


Almost completed - the last piece was to put a label on the front wood edge, this part was easy - TRADITION.  Tradition is what these 2 teams are all about.   

That's how this super cool and VERY custom bar got created.  What do you think?  Are there any other custom requests out there?  Let us know!  Check out our web site under "Custom Projects" and we can do a free mock up!