Quick Purchase: FIGHTING FLAG: Notre Dame Linebacker Bar.

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Quick Purchase: FIGHTING FLAG: Notre Dame Linebacker Bar.


Included with each Bar:  

  • Posts and Inside shelf that is 48' long x 14' wide.

  • Bar top made of premium pine (which doubles a carrying case) with 5 coats of polyurethane creating a beautiful shine and protecting from spills.

  • Attached team or theme branded banner.

  • Logos and graphics of team or theme.

  • Mounted bottle opener on back of bar

  • Carrying handle

  • Panels to enclose during storage/transport

  • Foot plates (when setting up on grass or uneven ground)

  • Light Kit NOT included. Available add on in our store

Buy Now!

Everything to setup the bar is included.  Top, supports, shelf, front banner, even the bottle opener!   This bar is 66 inches long by 20 inches wide.   It's 43 inches high setup... and only 6 inches high when transporting and packing away!   

You can add the following options:  (Return to store to add options to the shopping cart)

  • Text Customization:  Get custom text on the bar.  Such as "We Are... Penn State", "McCormick's Tailgate", or "Jimmy's Bar".  Up to 5 words.

  • Additional Shelf:  Get a 2nd shelf for more storage!  The shelf will not fit in the case for transport, but if you have more permanent setup an additional shelf is great for cups, glasses, bottles, etc.

  • Casters:  Get casters to add to your bar if you need to move it around assembled easily.  Great idea to move out to the patio and back!

  • Light Kit.  Add and LED light kit (AC Power Required) to really make your bar "pop" at night.   The lights are attached to the underside of the bar illuminating the banner and also proving light to the storage area beneath

Additional Details:

  • Bars are handmade and assembled in USA.  Each bar is "custom" and due to natural wood patterns always being different no 2 bars will ever be exactly alike.

  • All items to assemble bar are completely contained within the "box"

  • Bar assembles in less than 2 minutes and breaks down for transport in less than 2 minutes.

See how it all works: