Why do people stand or sit at a bar?  Besides it being the place to get the refreshment of your choice, there is more to it.  It's the solid feeling of the wood.  It's the bar itself that provides physical connection - a bond, between family, friends, and even strangers...

...Unless at the corner pub, what's missing from most impromptu or even planned parties or events such as tailgating?  A bar!  We specialize in creating bars you can take anywhere and setup in a flash.  Bars are handmade of premium pine and can be customized to any team or something even more unique. 

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Product Details

Included with each Bar:

  • Bar top made of premium pine (which doubles a carrying case) with 5 coats of polyurethane creating a beautiful shine and protecting from spills.

  • Attached team or theme branded front banner that rolls down or up for storage.

  • Logos and graphics of team or theme.

  • Shelf and upright posts to hold bar

    • Once assembled shelf is in convenient place for cooler and other items

    • Sturdy 400 pound rated shelf

    • The shelf are posts are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified designed to be rust and corrosion resistant in damp environments

  • Mounted bottle opener on back of bar

  • Convenient attached handle to carry bar.

  • Panels to enclose during storage/transport

  • Foot plates (when setting up on grass or uneven ground)

Additional Details:

  • Bars are handmade and assembled in USA. Each bar is "custom" and due to natural wood patterns always being different no 2 bars will ever be exactly alike.

  • All items to assemble bar are completely contained within the "box"

  • Bar assembles in less than 2 minutes and breaks down for transport in less than 2 minutes.

  • Bar should be stored in area where temperature is consistent